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Pastor Robert Cotton

Pastor Cotton

I think that everyone today would agree with me when I say that we live in a troubled world. Many are looking for answers.

We have found that the Bible, God's Word, is relevant to our world today and covers every area o f life. We have found that the Bible `works'!

How about coming along and sharing with us in the blessings.

Pastor Robert Cotton.

About Our Church

THE OPEN DOOR BAPTIST CHURCH is a fundamental Baptist Church following the Word of God through the King James version of The Bible. This is Gods Word in print, not a copy which has been profitised from doubtful sources. One such source a rubbish bin , the other the catholic church. What more can I say

Meeting Times

We meet at the following times

Sunday Services


Good News Bible Club for Children
Adults Class


Morning Service (Creche available)


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Wednesday Service


Bible Study and Prayer

Thursday nights


Bible School

Counselling Service Only a phone call away!

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Our Covenant

Having been led, as we believe, by the Spirit of God, to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as our Saviour; and on the profession of our faith in Him,having been baptised in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, we do now, in the presence of God and this assembly, most solemnly and joyfully enter into covenant with one another, as one body in Christ. We realise that we are of the household of faith, and that in God's sight we are brothers and sisters. It is therefore, our duty to love and to pray for our Church as our spiritual home, and to strive to honour our Lord in all that we do, say and think.

We engage therefore, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to walk together in Christian love; to strive for the advancement of this Church, in knowledge, holiness, and encouragement. We engage to promote its spirituality and prosperity; to sustain by regular attendance its worship ordinances, discipline and doctrines, giving it sacred pre-eminence over all institutions of human origin; to contribute cheerfully and regularly to the support of the ministry, and expenses of the Church, the relief of the poor and the spread of the Gospel through all nations.

We also engage to maintain secret and family devotions, to religiously educate our children, to seek the salvation of our kindred and acquaintances; to walk circumspectly in the world, to be just in our dealings, faithful in our engagements, and exemplary in our conduct; to avoid all gossip, foolish or slanderous talk, and excessive anger; to abstain from the sale and use of intoxicating drinks as a beverage, the use of tobacco and non-prescription drugs, illicit sexual interests, abortion, devilish music, and such other activities that defile the believer's body,the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit; to abstain from everything that will cause our brother to stumble, or that will bring reproach upon the cause of Christ.

We further engage to watch over one another in brotherly love, to remember each other in prayer, to aid each other in sickness and distress; to cultivate Christian sympathy in feeling and courtesy in speech, and to strive to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour; that amid evil and good report we will humbly and earnestly seek to honour and glorify Christ, being slow to take offence, but always ready for reconciliation and mindful of the rule of our Saviour to secure it without delay.

We, moreover, engage that when we remove from this place, we will, as soon as possible, unite with some other church of like faith and practice, where we can carry out the spirit of this covenant and the principles of God's word.


is Located in O'Halloran Terrace, Mount Gambier, South Australia

Pastor Cotton may be contacted by email to  pastor (at)

or by mail at 19 Sharley Avenue, Mount Gambier, 5290, South Australia.

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This Church holds the following statement of faith as being a summary of Christian doctrine whose authority consists only in its agreement with the Word of God.


We believe that the Bible, consisting of the Old and New Testament Scriptures, was written by men divinely inspired; that it is the inerrant, infallible, eternal Word of God. It does not contain the Word of God, but rather it is the very Word of God. We believe it to be the sole and final authority for all faith and practice of a Christian, and the supreme standard by which all human conduct, creeds and opinions shall be tried.

II Timothy 3:16 II Peter 1:21 Psalm 12:6-7 I Thessalonians 2:13 Isaiah 8:20


We believe that there is one, and only one living and true God, an infinite, intelligent, personal Spirit, the creator and supreme ruler of heaven and earth; source and sustainer of all life; inexpressibly glorious in holiness and worthy of all possible honour, confidence and love; that in the unity of the Godhead there are three persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; equal in every divine perfection, and executing distinct but harmonious offices in the great work of redemption.

John 4:24 John 10:30 Psalm 83:18 Genesis 1:1 I John 5:7 Ephesians 2:18 John 17:5

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Statement of Faith cont.


We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ, God the Son, took upon Himself the full nature of man and yet retained the full nature of God. In the incarnation, He was miraculously conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of Mary, a virgin. He was both fully God and fully man at the same time. He was totally holy by virtue of His miraculous birth and sinless life. We believe that He voluntarily laid down His life, the Just for the unjust, making it possible for man to be saved; that He rose bodily from the dead on the third day, and that He ascended into Heaven to the right hand of the Father; and that presently, He is our Intercessor and Advocate, the only true Mediator between God and Man.

John 14:6 Luke 1:27, 31, 35 Matthew 1:18-25 John 1G:30 I Timothy 2:5,6 I John 2:1 John l:l-5


We believe that the Holy Spirit is a divine person, equal with God the Father and God the Son, and of the same nature, and therefore is to be loved, worshipped and obeyed. He is the agent who through the Word of God regenerates men. He indwells the bodies of believers, teaching, comforting, chastening, imparting gifts and producing the fruits of the Spirit. We believe in the enduement of power for the purpose of winning the lost to Jesus Christ.

John 14:16,17,26 Ephesians 4:30 John 3:5,6


We believe that the Genesis account of the Fall of Man is to be accepted literally, that man was created holy with a perfect fellowship with God and that through deliberate disobedience he fell from that lofty position. Consequently the whole human race fell, is totally depraved, and is under condemnation to eternal damnation by the righteous God of the universe; without defence or excuse.

Genesis 1:27,31 Genesis 3:6-24 John 3:18 Romans 5:12,19 Romans 1:20


We believe that the salvation of sinners is wholly of grace; through the mediatorial offices of the Son of God, who by appointment of the Father, freely took upon Himself human nature, yet without sin; honoured the divine law by His personal obedience, and by His death and shedding of His blood made an unlimited and vicarious atonement for the sins of all mankind; that His atonement consisted not in setting an example by His death as a martyr, but was the voluntary substitution of Himself in the sinner's place, the Just dying for the unjust, Christ, the Lord, bearing the sins of all mankind in His own body on the cross; that, having risen from the dead, He is now enthroned in Heaven as a High Priest who can be touched by the feeling of human infirmities. He is in every way qualified to be a suitable, a compassionate and an all-sufficient Saviour for all who will believe.

Ephesians 2:8-9 John 3:16 Hebrews 5:9 Romans 3:24,25 Philippians 2:7,8 Hebrews 9:12-15 I Timothy 2:5,6 I John 4:10


We believe that salvation is freely offered to every person through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that all are commanded to repent and believe the Gospel.

We believe that nothing prevents the salvation of the greatest sinner on earth but his own voluntary rejection of the gospel, which results in an aggravated damnation.

John 7:37-38 John 5:20 John 3:16 John 3:19 II Peter 2:21


We believe that in order to be saved, a sinner must be born again; made a new creation in Christ Jesus, a partaker of the divine nature. We believe that the new birth is instantaneous and not a process; that the moment before the new birth, the sinner is spiritually dead (separated from God due to sin); that the moment after the new birth, the sinner is spiritually alive (in close and vital communion with the living God); that God the Holy Spirit is the one who enters and regenerates the life at the moment the sinner receives and believes in the person and work of Christ as his personal Saviour; that a sinner who is truly born again inwardly will give evidence to that fact outwardly by a changed life, bringing forth fruits of repentance and faith and newness of life.

John 3:3,5,6; II Corinthians 5:17; II Peter 1:4; I John 5:1; John 5:24; Ephesians 2:1,4,5; Titus 3:5; John 1:12,13; John 7:37-39; Romans 8:15-17; Matthew 3:8; Luke 3:8; Matthew 7:17; Galatians 5:22; Ephesians 5:8-10.


We believe that salvation is eternal in its result and that those who are once saved can never be lost, but are kept by the Power of God and will never stand under condemnation for their sin.

Ephesians 4:30 John 10:27-29 john 5:24 Hebrews 7:25


We believe that the local Church is a New Testament phenomenon, that it is a group of baptised believers who are banded together in obedience to the instructions of God's Word for the purpose of edifying the saints and winning the lost to Jesus Christ. Its function includes observing the ordinances of Christ and teaching the principles, doctrines and instructions of the Word of God. We believe that there are only two scriptural offices of the Church; that of Pastor (undershepherd) being synonymous with Elder (Ruler) and Bishop (Overseer), these terms being used interchangeably in the Scriptures; and that of Deacon whose responsibility is to assist the Pastor in serving the spiritual and temporal needs of people; and that the qualifications and duties of Pastors (or Bishops, or Elders) and Deacons are clearly set forth in the Epistles to Timothy and Titus.

I Timothy 3 Titus 1:5-9 Acts 2:41,42 Acts 20:28 I Corinthians 1:10 I Corinthians 11:2


We believe that Scriptural giving is God's way for God's people to supply the financial needs of God's work by the regular, systematic, proportionate contribution of their tithes and offerings through this Church. We believe Scriptural giving to the Lord is a privilege and that it is a very real indicator of a believer's spiritual condition; that not only is it an act of obedience to God, but is also an act of worship which develops the believer's sense of responsibility to an all powerful Creator, Sustainer and Saviour-God.

Genesis 14:20 Malachi 3:8-10 Proverbs 11:24 Proverbs 3:9 Leviticus 27:30-33 Matthew 23:23 Acts 2:45 I Corinthians 16:1,2 II Corinthians 8:1-15 II Corinthians 9:1-15


We believe that every man has as eternal soul, and that those who have been born again by the grace of God will spend their eternity in the everlasting bliss and harmony of God's prepared Heaven. On the other hand we believe that those who have never been saved will spend their eternity in the everlasting fire and torments of hell.

John 14:1-3 Revelation 21-22 Revelation 20:11-15 Luke 16:19-31


We believe in the imminent, pre-tribulation bodily catching away of the saints to meet Christ in the air; followed by the literal seven year tribulation or day of the Lord as foretold in the Books of Daniel, Matthew and Revelation; and then the literal, personal, bodily return of Jesus Christ to the earth to set up His millennial kingdom.

I Thess. 4:13-18 Acts l:ll Revelation 20:4-6


We believe that the institution of civil government is appointed by God and therefore subject to His moral laws; that the purpose of civil government is the protection of life and property of the citizens, by praise of those who do good works and punishment of those who do evil. We believe that magistrates are to be prayed for, conscientiously honoured and obeyed; except only in things opposed to the will of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the only Lord of the conscience, and the Prince of the kings of the earth.

Romans 13:1-7 Acts 5:29 Matthew 22:21 Daniel 4:25 Matthew 23:10


We believe that neo-orthodoxy, which is the practice of inconsistent Bible interpretation, coupled with the so-called HIGHER SCIENTIFIC BIBLICAL criticism, is an abomination in the sight of God; it is a deceptive attempt to undermine God's clear promises concerning the preservation of the Word.

Psalm 12:6-7 Matthew 5:18 John 10:35 I Peter 1:24-25 Isaiah 40:8


We believe that neo-evangelicalism, which is the practice of injecting new humanistic and social-oriented meanings into classic Gospel terms, coupled with the joining of Bible-believing people in un-scriptural and unholy unions (under the guise of so-called evangelistic effort) with those who thus discredit the Bible and deny historic doctrines - both wicked and futile. We wholly voice our disapproval and avoid involvement in any and all such efforts.


This is the prophesied movement to unite all faiths in a worldwide church. It is inspired by the Devil and is threatening to the true churches of God. We believe we should have no part in this movement, but rather we should firmly oppose it throughout our lives.


We believe that the modern tongues movement is not Scriptural in its history, content, or practice; that it is referred to as the "new glue" that will unite neo-evangelical Catholics and Protestants; that the "tongues" of the New Testament were human languages foreign to the speaker but known to the hearer; that "tongues" were a missionary-natured, authenticating, sign-gift to unbelieving Jews; and that this gift was temporary in nature. We, therefore, oppose involvement in personal tongue-talking for prayer or praise, as much as we oppose the general thrust of the modern tongues movement at large.

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