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pdf   Caterpillar and the Ants "

pdf  Real Agenda of the Greens"

pdf  Dinosaurs and Men Together"

Mailroom Latest Page 2

pdf  Israeli Brilliance at U.N."

pdf  Will this Gimme Game ever End"

pdf  When Christian Schools Undermine the Faith"

pdf  Hal Lewis - My Resignation"

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pdf  Atheist Zealots"

pdf  Church to Coffee Chain"

pdf  What if Power of Positive thinking Fails"

pdf  Comfort in Sorrow"

Mailroom Page 1.

pdf  Poison the People"

pdf  The Quarter"

pdf  Couple of Quotes"

pdf  Israel's Benjamin Natanyahu"

Mailroom Page 2.

pdf  Global What?"

pdf  Can Oceans Rise Metres ??

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pdf  Redistribution of Wealth"

pdf  Taste My Jesus"

pdf  Bad Eyesight"

pdf  Fossil Forrest"

pdf  Atheist Holy Day"

Mailroom Page 4

pdf  Counter Rrevolution to Political Correctness"

pdf  Slavery Reparations"

pdf  New Era for LGBT Rights?"

pdf  Climate Doomsayer caught out"

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pdf  Stolen Generations"

pdf  The Copenhagen Disaster"


pdf  Nursery Rhyme"

pdf  Epitaph in Lydford Churchyard"

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pdf  Makes you think."

pdf  Role of The Local Church"

Articles 2 - Contemporary Issues

pdf  Contemporary Issues - Alcohol"

pdf  Contemporary Issues - Suicide"

Articles 3 - Contemporary Issues

pdf  Contemporary Issues - Smoking"

pdf  Contemporary Issues - Gambling"

Articles 4 - Contemporary Issues

pdf   Contemporary issues - Cremation or Burial"

pdf   Contemporary Issues - Euthanasia"

Articles 5 - Contemporary Issues

pdf   Contemporary Issues - Tattooing and Body Piercing"

pdf   Contemporary Issues - Women Preachers"

Articles 6

pdf  Did Scientists Create Life?"

pdf  History of the Light-Speed Debate"

Articles 7

pdf  John Jasper's conversion"

Our Goals

To present a website which offers to our readers the opportunity to hear a range of inspiring sermons, presenting the Gospel in a clear and concise manner enabling all to study The Word of God, of our Lord Jesus Christ and of Jesus Love for us.
We are an independent Baptist Church located in Mount Gambier and use the King James Bible only in all our study.

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