Prophecy in the 21st Century

21st Century Prophecy

What in the World is happening ??.

We were privileged to have Brother W.L. Smith as guest speaker, presenting a series of sermons relating to Prophecy in our times -The 21st Century.
He has brought World Events into a Biblical Perspective.
We would like to share His time with us and invite you to listen to the Sermons.

sermon  "Economics in Bible Prophecy - Bro.W.L.Smith"
sermon  "God's People in Bible Prophecy - Bro.W.L.Smith"
sermon  "Moral Collapse in Bible Prophecy - Bro.W.L.Smith"
sermon  "Secularism in Bible Prophecy - Bro.W.L.Smith"
sermon  "Universal Effect on Creation in Bible Prophecy - Bro.W.L.Smith"
sermon  "Wars in Bible Prophecy - Bro.W.L.Smith"


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To present a website which offers to our readers the opportunity to hear a range of inspiring sermons, presenting the Gospel in a clear and concise manner enabling all to study The Word of God, of our Lord Jesus Christ and of Jesus Love for us.
We are an independent Baptist Church located in Mount Gambier and use the King James Bible only in all our study.

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