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Contemporary Issues -
Tattooing and Body Piercing


We want to consider tattos and body piercing which are fast becoming accepted practice and even trendy in our society.

NOTE:- This is NEVER an appropriate test for any Christian in any area of life to decide whether or not we should or should not do certain things!

First of all we will look at some general comments-

1.Tattooing and body piercing were originally associated with witchcraft and false religion

Example: Hindus use tattoos, pierce their tongues with small spears and prick their whole body with little hooks and go into trances.

2. It is interesting to remember that those who originally had tattoos in our society were the rebels eg the bikies, 'toughs' etc

3. In our society body piercing started with ladies having pierced ears (earrings).

When men started doing it it was generally confined to the homosexual community who would have one ear pierced.

Now we have both men and women who not only have multiple ear piercings but also many other areas of their bodies are also pierced.


1. God's Word warns us not to disfigure our bodies - Lev 19:28; Deut 14:1
a. the warning here about doing this for the dead is because this was a witch craft rite done to remember their dead; so cutting, piercing and tattooing have their origins in witchcraft practices.
Therefore they are forbidden for believers.

2. I think that it is without serious dispute that we can say that tattoos and body piercing began in the world NOT in the church.
Therefore we Christians need to take heed to
I John 2:15 - " Love not the world neither the THINGS that are in the world "

3. Given that these things began in the world and in the occult etc then we Christians need to take heed to I Thes 5:21 - " Abstain from ALL appearance of EVIL "

4. We need to ask ourselves the question ' Will this defile the temple of God? '
- I Cor 3:16,17
16Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?
17If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.

5. We need to ask ourselves the question ' Will this bring glory to God? '
- I Cor 6:19,20 ; 10:31

6. We also need to ask ourselves the question ' Will this bring pleasure to God? '
- Rev 4:11 ; John 8:29

Here are a couple of questions some may ask:-

a. What about if I had those things done before I was saved?
They certainly don't affect our salvation and we can still serve the Lord, however, as much as possible they ought to be appropriately covered.

b. What about ladies wearing jewellery?
In the light of I Peter 3:3,4 it seems that it would be acceptable provided it was worn in and appropriate and modest fashion.

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Contemporary Issues -
Women Preachers


This is an area in the church which has been affected and infected by the Feminist Movement / Womens Liberation Movement.
Their cry is, "We are equal!" There is no question that some women have become very famous and influential in this area,
eg Joyce Meyers.
People will make the comment, "Are you saying that they are not blessed of God?"

The following are some quotes from prominent people and places:-

1. "Anyone who resists the notion of women preachers is functioning as a tool of the devil," Tony Campolo, founder and president of the Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education, said during the opening session of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship's general assembly June 26.
A sociologist by training, Campolo said that one of the primary reasons the CBF exists is because "another group" said it would not endorse the idea that women can serve as pastors.
He characterised that statement as "about as evil a statement as one can make." "It's one thing to be wrong, but that isn't wrong, that's sinful.
The Bible says, "neglect not the gift that is in you," and when women are gifted with the gift of preaching, anybody who frustrates that gift is an instrument of the devil," Campolo said. Campolo encouraged the CBF to continue combating the sexism of those whom he said, "change the Bible to fit their theology."

2. Bill Hybel's Willow Creek Community Church near Chicago years ago decided "after months of study and debate" that it would support women in any position of leadership - teacher, preacher, elder.
The church's theological guru and founding elder, Wheaton College professor Gilbert Bilezikian, argues that "secular socialisation regarding sex roles," whereby men are cut out for certain tasks and women for others, has no place in a Christian community 91/13CT0.
The church has garnered criticism because it requires that a potential member be able to "joyfully sit under the teaching of women teachers" and "joyfully submit to the leadership of women in various leadership positions at Willow Creek before joining.
A female elder said, "...if you can't embrace this teaching, practically speaking, you'd probably be happier at another church."

It is obvious from these quotes and many others which could be given, that many in the church are completely ignoring the teaching of the Bible on this subject.


1. Gal 3:28
There is no question that God's Word teaches equality concerning salvation for male and female.
All are saved the same way, by God's grace through faith; repenting and believing that the Lord Jesus died on the cross for our sins, that He was buried , and that He rose from the dead on the third day.

2. I Cor 11:1-3
There is no question that God's Word teaches the headship of man

3. I Cor 14:34,35; I Tim 2:11,12
There is no question that God's Word clearly teaches that women are to be silent in the church and that they are not to "teach, nor to usurp authority over the man"

4. I Tim 3:1-5
There is no question that the office of a bishop is for a man.
How can any woman be "the husband of one wife" ?

There is quite clearly equality in salvation for men and women but distinction in their God given roles.
There are many roles that women have in God's plan BUT NOT Pastors or Preachers.

This is available in pdf format

pdf   Contemporary Issues - Women Preachers"

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