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Many Sermons available

An excerpt from some Sermons is available - just Click on the icon alongside the excerpt you wish to hear.Click on Sermon in List below to Download full Sermon.
sermon   "Excerpt from God wants to use YOU - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Excerpt from Reminder about Hell - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Excerpt from Why Give Thanks - Pastor Cotton"

A Selection of Audio Sermons and Studies

These are large MP3 Audio Files approx 30 to 40 Megabytes
They can be obtained on CD by email request to pastor (at)

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sermon   "What About the End of the World? - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Not ashamed of the Gospel - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Be Faithful - Dont Bury Your Talents - Luke Roffel"
sermon   "Be filled with the Spirit - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Why Do You believe that the Bible is God's Word? - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "The Benefits-Blessings of Salvation - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Elijah's Great God - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Every Man that has This Hope - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "God Wants to use YOU - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Heaven Our Eternal Home - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Hindrance to answered Prayer - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Honour thy Mother - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Principles to live by - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Reminder about hell - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Are You Saved? - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "The Law of Sowing and Reaping - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "The Future of Israel - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "The Blame Game - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "The Invitation - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "The three responses - Bro James Hood"
sermon   "What is Repentance? - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Who are We? - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Who is on the Lord's side? - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Why Does God allow....? - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Why Give Thanks - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Why be a Christian? What is one? - Fraser Young"

sermon   "The Bible Stands All Sufficient - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "The Fight is On - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Things Not For Sale - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "TWhy King Solomon Had Problems - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Stop Praying - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "How Intimate is Our Walk With God? - Pastor Cotton"

These Audio Messages are available on CD.
Send an email request to pastor (at)

More Audio Files will be listed in the Available Audio folder as they become available.

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Latest Sermons Added

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sermon   "By Faith - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Do we have musts? - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "The new commandment - David Cotton"
sermon   "Lay every weight aside - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Are we labourers? - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Jesus at the synagogue - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Are we doing what God expects? - Alvin Kettle"
sermon   "Friend Day - Evangelist Fraiser Young"
sermon   "Simple faith - Evangelist Fraiser Young"
sermon   "The Ostrich - Evangelist Fraiser Young"
sermon   "The Four Pillars of change - Evangelist Fraiser Young"
sermon   "Use your talents - Evangelist Fraiser Young"
sermon   "Do we care? - David Cotton"
sermon   "Demon possesed - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "What is that to thee? - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Luke 3:1-13 - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Ye must be born again - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Don't assume - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Do you have hope? - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "True repentance - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Are you abiding? - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Let Jesus come into your heart - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Are you saved? - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "God's work - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "God's view of sin - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Obedience - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Psalm 1 - Alvin Kettle"
sermon   "Hebrews 11 - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Run the race - Shaiy Cassidy"
sermon   "Where will you spend eternity? - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Nothing is impossible with God - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Honour your mother - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Peter went fishing - David Cotton"
sermon   "Our Great God - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Do you truly love God? - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "In God's time - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "The resurrection - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Luke Chapter 1:1-4 - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Its just not fair - David Cotton"
sermon   "Luke Chapter 1:67-79 - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Are we pleasing God? - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "God answers prayer - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "The Doctrine of Hell - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Tests and Trials - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Are you prepared? - David Cotton"
sermon   "Do you care for sinners? - David Cotton"
sermon   "Be zealous - David Cotton"
sermon   "Be thankful - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "The Lord is my shepherd - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Help the desperate d- David Cotton"
sermon   "What does God say? - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "The battle on the mind - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Don't be sifted by the devil - David Cotton"
sermon   "Galatians 6:6-10 - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "The blessings of a Christian - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Don't be lukewarm - David Cotton"
sermon   "Are you in the Faith? - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Are you walking in The Spirit? - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Caleb a faithful man - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Galatians - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "What it cost Jesus to save you - David Cotton"
sermon   "Be swift to hear - David Cotton"
sermon   "Galatians - Pastor Robert Cotton"
sermon   "Finish it - Pastor Phil Hyland"
sermon   "Fill it - Pastor Phil Hyland"
sermon   "Fix it - Pastor Phil Hyland"
sermon   "But afterwards - Pastor Phil Hyland"
sermon   "Be of good courage - David Cotton"
sermon   "Who is this Jesus? - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Galatians - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "The wrath of God - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Galatians 4:19-31 - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Apply your heart to wisdom - David Cotton"
sermon   "Galatians - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Do you actually love God? - Pastor Cotton 02/12/2018 am"
sermon   "Galatians - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Consequences of pride - David Cotton 25/11/2018 am"
sermon   "Galatians 3:19-29 - Pastor Cotton 18/11/2018 pm"
sermon   "Steps of Salvation - Pastor Cotton 18/11/2018 am"
sermon   "Victorious Christian Life - David Cotton 11/11/2018 pm"
sermon   "Don't be a fool - Pastor Cotton 11/11/2018 am"
sermon   "Galatians 3:15-22 - Pastor Cotton 04/11/2018 pm"
sermon   "Noah's Testimony - Pastor Cotton 04/11/2018 am"
sermon   "Galatians - Pastor Cotton 28/10/2018 pm"
sermon   "Signs of Rebellion - David Cotton 28/10/2018 am"
sermon   "How do we know God's will? - David Cotton 21/10/2018 pm"
sermon   "Saved through faith - Pastor Cotton 14/10/2018 pm"
sermon   "Heaven - Pastor Cotton 14/10/2018 am"
sermon   "Galatians 2:15-21 - Pastor Cotton 07/10/2018 pm"
sermon   "Galatians 2:11-14 - Pastor Cotton 30/09/2018 pm"
sermon   "Who do we call Jesus? - Pastor Cotton 30/09/2018 am"
sermon   "Galatians 2:1-10 - Pastor Cotton 23/09/2018 pm"
sermon   "Do we really believe in hell? - David Cotton 23/09/2018 am"
sermon   "Are we growing in Christ? - David Cotton 09/09/2018 pm"
sermon   1 Peter Chapter 2:2-3 - Pastor Cotton 09/04/17 pm
sermon   Are you rejoicing in God's salvation? - David Cotton 09/04/17 am
sermon   Laying aside all - Pastor Cotton 02/04/17 am
sermon   Caleb's example - Pastor Cotton 02/04/17 pm
sermon   Present and Renew - Pastor Cotton 26/03/17 am
sermon   Do you justify yourself? - David Cotton 26/03/17 pm
sermon   Our Great Salvation - Pastor Cotton 28/02/16 am
sermon   Lessons form Peter's life - David Cotton 28/02/16 pm
sermon   The reality of hell - David Cotton 24/01/16 am
sermon   Watchout for wolves - David Cotton 24/01/16 pm
sermon   Who are you living to pleae? - Pastor Cotton 15/11/15 am
sermon   Pray without ceasing - Pastor Cotton 15/11/15 pm
sermon   The wiles of the devil - Pastor Cotton 08/11/15 am
sermon   Rejoice in The Lord - Pastor Cotton 08/11/15 pm
sermon   Seeking the lost - Pastor Cotton 01/11/15 am
sermon   Becareful how you hear - Pastor Cotton 25/10/15 am
sermon   Take the long look - David Cotton 25/10/15 pm
sermon   God's perfect will God's permissive will - Pastor Cotton 18/10/15 am
sermon   Respect those who rule over you - Pastor Cotton 18/10/15 pm
sermon   The Lord is Holy - David Cotton 11/10/15 pm
sermon   The Law of sowing and reaping - Pastor Cotton 04/10/15 am
sermon   James 1:9-12 - Pastor Cotton 28/09/14 pm
sermon   Lessons from Lot's wife - Pastor Cotton 28/09/14 am
sermon   Studies in James 1:1 - Pastor Cotton 31/08/14 pm
sermon   The Blessings of Forgiveness - Pastor Cotton 31/08/14 am
sermon   James 1:5-8 - Pastor Cotton 21/09/14 pm
sermon   What comes after death? - Pastor Cotton 21/09/14 am
sermon   James 1:3,4 - Pastor Cotton 14/09/14 pm
sermon   So Great Salvation! - Pastor Cotton 14/09/14 am
sermon   James 1:2 - Pastor Cotton 07/09/14 pm
sermon   Do we really hate sin? - Pastor Cotton 07/09/14 am
sermon   James 1:13-17 - Pastor Cotton 12/10/14 pm
sermon   Walking with God - Pastor Cotton 12/10/14 am
sermon   James 1:18-20 - Pastor Cotton 19/10/14 pm
sermon   Dealing with Discouragement - Pastor Cotton 19/10/14 am
sermon   James 1:23-25 - Pastor Cotton 09/11/14 pm
sermon   Making Measurements! - Pastor Cotton 09/11/14 am
sermon   James 1:21,22 - Pastor Cotton 02/11/14 pm
sermon   The Great Day of Atonement - Pastor Cotton 02/11/14 am
sermon   One Day At a Time - Pastor Cotton 18/05/14 am
sermon   1 John 5:20 - Pastor Cotton 18/05/14 pm
sermon   Honour Thy Mother - Pastor Cotton 11/05/14 am
sermon   1 John 5:18,19 - Pastor Cotton 11/05/14 pm
sermon   The Resurrection - Pastor Cotton 20/04/14 am
sermon   1 John 5:14,15 - Pastor Cotton 20/04/14 pm
sermon   The Reality of Hell - Pastor Cotton 13/04/14 am
sermon   1 John 5:9-13 - Pastor Cotton 13/04/14 pm
sermon   Proving What is Acceptable unto The Lord - Pastor Cotton 06/05/14 am
sermon   1 John 5:6-8 - Pastor Cotton 06/04/14 pm
sermon   Ye Must Be Born Again - Pastor Cotton 26/01/14 am
sermon   The Most Important Work on Earth - Pastor Cotton 10/02/14 am
sermon   "1 John 4:11-13 - Pastor Cotton 10/02/14 pm
sermon   A Living Sacrifice - Pastor Cotton 23/02/14 am
sermon   Run The Race - David Cotton 23/02/14 pm
sermon   The Seriousness of The Judgement seat of Christ - Pastor Cotton 16/03/14 am
sermon   "1 John 5:1-3 - Pastor Cotton 16/03/14 pm
sermon   The Message of Salvation - Pastor Cotton 23/03/14 am
sermon   "1 John 5:4-5 - Pastor Cotton 23/03/14 pm
sermon   Peace - Pastor Cotton 30/03/14 am
sermon   An Unholy Union - David Cotton 30/03/14 pm
sermon   "1 John 3:19-24 - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "The Tests and Trials of Life - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "1 John 3:15-18 - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "What Sort of Example are You? - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "1 John 3:4-9 - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Are you fully prepared for the Battle? - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "1 John 3:3 - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "The Life of Joseph - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "True Servanthood - David Cotton"
sermon   "True Repentance - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "1 John 2:28 - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "The Wrath of God - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Uzziah's Problem - Evangelist Fraser Young"
sermon   "Beware of the leaven - Evangelist Fraser Young"
sermon   "Don't forget your Timbrel - Evangelist Fraser Young"
sermon   "Our Dayspring - Evangelist Fraser Young"
sermon   "The Rapture - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Philippians 1:11 - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Look for your Joab - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Lessons from the Cross - Evangelist Glen Weeks"
sermon   "The attacks of satan - Evangelist Glen Weeks"
sermon   "Declaring the Testimony of God - Evangelist Glen Weeks"
sermon   "Rejoice in The Lord - Evangelist Glen Weeks"
sermon   "Are you Obeying the Great Commandment? - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Are you a Fisher of Men? - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "A Hope that Purifies - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Fasting for Today - Pastor Cotton"


It is a Question that many people ask themselves "Am I Saved", "Will I go to Heaven when I Die".
I Pray that each and every reader of our web site IS saved, either when they come to read or after they have read and listened to the Pastors Sermons.
God did give us a free will so that we may be able to converse with Him and make our own daily decisions.
You have heard about the fall of mankind and how we blew it, but we do have a chance to redeem ourselves and to presemnt ourselves before His Glory.
Please listen to the sermons, be faithful to yourself in your interpretation, and trust in Our Lord Jesus Christ
It is easy to be swayed by the masses and to succumb to peer pressure, but, that lasts for but a short time, when this decision lasts for eternity.
Our life span is but three score years and ten, but, by Gods grace be extended.
You can shorten it very easily by making a decision which is less than sensible, drink driving, drugs, sexual transgression or simply accidently stepping off a kerb in front of a moving vehicle.
sermon   "The Invitation"  Take the time to listen (5mb)
sermon   "Blame Game Sermon "  An Excerpt(8mb)
sermon   "Blame Game Sermon" Listen to the full sermon (38mb)

OR Listen to the following Sermon

sermon   "Are You Saved? - Pastor Cotton"

Our Goals

The Open Door Baptist Church present a website which offers to our readers the opportunity to hear a range of inspiring sermons, presenting the Gospel in a clear and concise manner enabling all to study The Word of God, of our Lord Jesus Christ and of Jesus Love for us.
We are an independent Baptist Church located in Mount Gambier and use the King James Bible only in all our study.

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