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1 Peter Chapter 2:2-3 - Pastor Cotton 09/04/17 pm
Are you rejoicing in God's salvation? - David Cotton 09/04/17 am
Laying aside All - Pastor Cotton 02/04/17 pm
Caleb's example,- Pastor Cotton 02/04/17 am
Present and Renew - Pastor Cotton 26/03/17 am
Do you justify yourself? - David Cotton 26/03/17 pm
Our Great Salvation - Pastor Cotton 28/02/16 am
Lessons from Peter's life - David Cotton 28/02/16 pm
The reality of Hell - David Cotton 24/01/16 am
Watchout for wolves - David Cotton 24/01/16 pm
Who are you living to pleae? - Pastor Cotton 15/11/15 am
Pray without ceasing - Pastor Cotton 15/11/15 pm
The wiles of the devil - Pastor Cotton 08/11/15 am
Rejoice in The Lord - Pastor Cotton 08/11/15 pm
Seeking the lost - Pastor Cotton 01/11/15 am
Becareful how you hear - Pastor Cotton 25/10/15 am
Take the long look - David Cotton 25/10/15 pm
God's perfect will v God's permissive will - Pastor Cotton 18/10/15 am
Respect those who rule over you - Pastor Cotton 18/10/15 pm
The Lord is Holy - David Cotton 11/10/15 pm
The Law of sowing and reaping - Pastor Cotton 04/10/15 am
James 1:9-12. - Pastor Cotton 28/09/14 pm
Lessons from Lot's life. - Pastor Cotton 28/09/14 am
Studies in James 1:1. - Pastor Cotton 31/08/14 pm
The Blessings of Forgiveness. - Pastor Cotton 31/08/14 am
James 1:5-8. - Pastor Cotton 21/09/14 pm
What comes after death? - Pastor Cotton 21/09/14 am
James 1:3,4. - Pastor Cotton 14/09/14 pm
So Great Salvation! - Pastor Cotton 14/09/14 am
James 1:2. - Pastor Cotton 07/09/14 pm
Do we really hate sin? - Pastor Cotton 07/09/14 am
James 1:13-17. - Pastor Cotton 12/10/14 pm
Walking with God. - Pastor Cotton 12/10/14 am
James 1:18-20. - Pastor Cotton 19/10/14 pm
Dealing with Discouragement. - Pastor Cotton 19/10/14 am
James 1:23-25. - Pastor Cotton 09/11/14 pm
Making measurements! - Pastor Cotton 09/11/14 am
James 1:21,22. - Pastor Cotton 02/11/14 pm
The Great Day of Atonement. - Pastor Cotton 02/11/14 am
One Day At a Time. - Pastor Cotton 18/05/14 am
1 John 5:20. - Pastor Cotton 18/05/14 pm
Honour Thy Mother. - Pastor Cotton 05/05/14 am
1 John 5:18,19. - Pastor Cotton 05/05/14 pm
The Resurrection. - Pastor Cotton 20/04/14 am
1 John 5:14,15. - Pastor Cotton 20/05/14 pm
The Reality Of Hell. - Pastor Cotton 13/04/14 am
1 John 5:9-13. - Pastor Cotton 13/04/14 pm
Proving What Is Acceptable Unto The Lord. - Pastor Cotton 06/04/14 am
1 John 5:6-8. - Pastor Cotton 06/04/14 pm
Ye Must Be Born Again. - Pastor Cotton 26/01/14 am
The Most Important Work on Earth. - Pastor Cotton 10/02/14 am
1 John 4:11-13. - Pastor Cotton 10/02/14 pm
A Living Sacrifice. - Pastor Cotton 23/02/14 am
Run The Race. - David Cotton 23/02/14 pm
The Seriousness of the Judgement Seat of Christ. - Pastor Cotton 16/03/14 am
1 John 5:1-3. - Pastor Cotton 16/03/14 pm
The Message of Salvation. - Pastor Cotton 23/03/14 am
1 John 5:4-5. - Pastor Cotton 23/03/14 pm
Peace. - Pastor Cotton 30/03/14 am
An Unholy Union. - David Cotton 30/03/14 pm
The Wrath of God. - Pastor Cotton 1/12/14 am
1 John 2:28. - Pastor Cotton 1/12/2013 pm
True Repentance. - Pastor Cotton 8/12/2013 am
True Servanthood. - David Cotton 8/12/2013 pm
The Life of Joseph. - Pastor Cotton 22/12/2013 am
1 John 3:3. - Pastor Cotton 22/12/2013 pm
Are you fully prepared for Battle? - Pastor Cotton 29/12/2013 am
1 John 3:4-9. - Pastor Cotton 29/12/2013 pm
What sort of example are you? - Pastor Cotton 12/01/2014 am
1 John 2:15-18. - Pastor Cotton 12/01/2014 pm
The Tests and Trials of Life. - Pastor Cotton 19/01/2014 am
1 John 3:19-24. - Pastor Cotton 19/01/2014 pm
Don't forget your Timbrel. - Evangelist Fraser Young
Uzziah's problem - Evangelist Fraser Young
Beware of the Leaven - Evangelist Fraser Young
Our Dayspring - Evangelist Fraser Young
The Rapture - Pastor Cotton: Sunday morning 10th Feb 2013
Philippians 1:11 - Pastor Cotton: Sunday afternoon 10th Feb 2013
Look for your Joab - Pastor Cotton: Sunday pm 11th Nov 2012
Lessons from the Cross - by Evangelist Glen Weeks: Sunday am 11th Nov 2012
The Attacks of satan - - by Evangelist Glen Weeks: Sat 10th Nov 2012
Declaring the Testimony of God - by Evangelist Glen Weeks: Friday 9th Nov 2012
Rejoice in The Lord - by Evangelist Glen Weeks: Thursday 8th Nov 2012
Are you Obeying the Great Commandment? - Preached Sunday am, 4th Nov 2012
Are you a Fisher of Men? - Preached Sunday pm, 4th Nov 2012
A Hope that Purifies - Preached Sunday am, 28th Oct 2012
Fasting for Today - Preached Sunday pm, 28th Oct 2012


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Contemporary Issues

More on our series of messages with the theme; "Contemporary Issues"continues.
This message was prompted by an article which I read in O Timothy magazine, Volume26-Issue3-March,2009.
The article was a review of the Emerging Church movement which is gathering momentum around the world.
In particular there were some comments from the Pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Mark Driscoll, which highlight the need for us to address the Contemporary Issues which we all face.
So far we have covered the following:-
    Contemporary Issues:--

Posted 28th November,2010

    Contemporary Issues:--
        --    Contemp Issues 1 - Alcohol     - Suicide
        --    Contemp Issues 2 - Smoking     - Gambling
        --    Contemp Issues 4 - Cremation or Burial     - Euthenasia
        --    Contemp Issues 5 - Tattooing and Body Piercing     - Women Preachers
key--    Contemp Issues Page 1
key--    Contemp Issues Page 2
key--    Contemp Issues Page 4
key--    Contemp Issues Page 5

Prophecy in the 21st Century

21st Century Prophecy

What in the World is happening ??.

We were privileged to have Brother W.L. Smith as guest speaker, presenting a series of sermons relating to Prophecy in our times -The 21st Century.
He has brought World Events into a Biblical Perspective.
We would like to share His time with us and invite you to listen to the Sermons.

sermon  "Economics in Bible Prophecy - Bro.W.L.Smith"
sermon  "God's People in Bible Prophecy - Bro.W.L.Smith"
sermon  "Moral Collapse in Bible Prophecy - Bro.W.L.Smith"
sermon  "Secularism in Bible Prophecy - Bro.W.L.Smith"
sermon  "Universal Effect on Creation in Bible Prophecy - Bro.W.L.Smith"
sermon  "Wars in Bible Prophecy - Bro.W.L.Smith"


Click on The Preacher. All sermons may be viewed by going to the sermons page and having a look at the Overview of all Sermons.

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Click on The Preacher. All sermons may be viewed by going to the sermons page and having a look at the Overview of all Sermons.

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What is Repentance

  1. R-Cotton A Simple Question with a rather complex answer
  2. This is a sermon by Pastor Cotton which I believe truly puts it into perspective.
  3. Have you always been sincere in YOUR repentance of sin, or just a simple opps sory about that Lord or gee I didn't mean to do that Lord sorry.
  4. We must sincerely repent our errors and be truly sorry, not just half hearted and then probably do it again.
  5. sermon   "What is Repentance? - Pastor Cotton"
  6. I really think that this sermon is worth hearing Please take the time to Listen

Many Sermons available

parting of red sea In order to listen to an excerpt from the Sermons just Click on the icon alongside the name or go to the Audio Sermons Page to download the complete Sermon.
sermon   "Excerpt from God wants to use YOU - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Excerpt from Reminder about Hell - Pastor Cotton"
sermon   "Excerpt from Why Give Thanks - Pastor Cotton"

The Sign of Science and Travel

"But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased." (Daniel 12:4)
Isn't this time NOW.

Our Goals

To present a website which offers to our readers the opportunity to hear a range of inspiring sermons, presenting the Gospel in a clear and concise manner enabling all to study The Word of God, of our Lord Jesus Christ and of Jesus Love for us.
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